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Metal Art Welding And Metal Art Welding Tips Overview

Metal art welding is basically a form of sculpting in reverse. Whereas sculpting starts from a block of stone and the process entails the removal of all material not part of what is to be the finished piece, metal art welding starts with nothing and keeps on adding pieces until the work of art in completed. Two processes, converse to each other, but resulting in the same end.

Unlike sculptors who work in stones like granites or marble, the metal welding artist can use just about any metal, or combinations of metals he chooses to. He may form his creations out of virgin metal sheets, rods or pipes; or he may assemble existing pieces of shaped metal in to final product.

Welding is, in its most simple form, the joining together of two pieces of metal by heating the surfaces and then placing them together until the cooled metal forms a joint. There are different types of welding methods that can be used, depending on the types of metal involved and the nature of the joint  whether it requires strength, a fine finish, whether the metal can withstand high heat etc.

Metal art welding can be done on any scale, from the finest pieces of jewelry that are finely welded or soldered together to huge outdoor sculptures.

The beginnings of modern metal art welding lie in the emergence of junk sculpture when young artists understood that the joining of various pieces of existing scrap metal could produce works of artistic integrity and merit. The first works of modern welded metal art were made from things found in junkyards  hence the name. Old car parts, refrigerator bodies, oddly shaped bits of scrap metal, you name it, they were all welded to together and the results were often surprising in their artistic expression and originality. Embellishments were done in the form of special coatings and paint applied to some or all of the metal sculptures.

The next stage was to addition of moving parts  motorized sculptures. Windmill effects, rotating tables and wind driven mobiles were some of the early common design themes used. Much of early welded metal art was created for shock effect and it succeeded.

Today metal art welding is returning to its basics, and, in the opinion of many art critics, its purest form. Simple and expressive forms, created by welding together seemingly uncomplimentary pieces of metal can create a memorable effect, as in the welding of a rusty old car axle to a pair of roller skate frames to express the artists opinion of the negatives of fossil fueled vehicles.

While metal art welding can be tiny, as in small jewelry items, it are normally large in size. The largeness of the welded form adds to its impact. That is why the majority of art made by the metal welding process is in the form of outdoor sculpture.

Since most welded art is made up from existing pieces of metal, this is one art form where the mind of the artist must be able to not just envision the finished work of art, but be able to look at using existing shapes to create his vision. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the artist must be able to locate the shapes he needs to create the final effect.

Getting Works Of Art Precisionism

Also referred to as Cubist Realistic look, and also related to the actual Art Deco activity, Precisionism was created in america immediately after Ww 1. The expression just for this movement had been originated within the 1920s, and also influenced by the Cubist and also Futurist actions; the key styles with regard to these kind of art have been mostly with regards to industrialization along with modernization from the U . s . landscape. These elements ended up depicted if you use accurate and deliberately defined geometric styles, a reverence for the professional age, but with sociable commentary not only a right simple element.

The degrees of abstraction leaped your range since several performs got photo sensible characteristics, even though the actual movement got zero existence not in the U . s ., the artists that comprised this particular group have been a closely knit collective outstanding energetic by way of the actual Thirties. Georgia O’Keefe continued to be as the primary advocates of this fashion, as well as stayed so for several years later on before the Nineteen sixties, her spouse would be a respected advisor to the team. In the post post-Expressionist phase regarding lifestyle within the art world, Precisionism has influenced and motivated your movements associated with miraculous realistic look which utilizes aspects including juxtaposing associated with onward movements having a sense involving range, and crop up art by which themes from bulk tradition were utilized to determine art work a lot generally there ahead.

Right after your 50s started out, the particular activity involving take art work was obvious in locations including The united kingdom and the United States, as well as applied aspects of advertising as well as comics to create a basis which may happen to be taken as being a reply to your then well-known movements regarding subjective expressionism. Though the phrase wasn’t originated until eventually 1958, it turned out after connected with Dadaism right from the start in the hundred years, and at one point ended up being called Neo-Dada because of the solid influence through artist Marcel Duchamp. Later affecting musicians such as Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, getting madness to find suggest considered one of low-cost mass-produced and also gimmicky graphics, and stressing every day valuations with common options like presentation and also superstar photos.

By simply exploring in which portion each day image, the performers discovered by themselves working with modern client lifestyle, which became obvious within parts of Great britain, Spain, along with Japan across the very same moment in time. In Britain in particular, exactly where pop fine art did actually base through at that point in The late 1940s, and many works started clouding the limitations between art work as well as promoting. Whereas on holiday, the actual activity grew to become related with the “new figurative”, the task arose in the roots regarding informalism that did start to be considered an important take into account this kind of place in the world.

In Asia, crop up fine art have been seen and applied through a lot of the particular country’s ancient graphics by way of this kind of signifies since Cartoons as well as the “superflat” styles of art, as well as took over as the means through which the artists can more review their unique culture through a far more satirical zoom lens. When selecting an exciting item simply by these kind of performers, it might be an even more invigorating exercise to discover among those other performers to which these later on musicians must pay back high of their particular creativity toward their own perform, along with Precisionism is just as correct a place to begin in your case while any place else in the imaginative range.

Today, Precisionism can be seen since simple influence within commercial along with well-known fine art, yet can not be as well disregarded to one of a couple of diverse moves to be able to have an effect on our own present day posture on art’s utility and procedures. With the particular postmodern found going to mild, probably we should yet again be drawn returning to days gone by we have learned to skip over all too often, along with uncover a fresh grow older in order to define a brand new hundred years of expertise.

Make A Statement With Custom Art

Adding craft to your house is a fabulous way to freshen it up, however do not just get one thing off the shelves of your neighborhood residence additions save. Why not carry out a little something unique as well as purchase a piece of custom art made just for you? Nothing delivers beauty and grace to your property like true art.

People usually tend to think that one of a kind craft runs out their reach. They don’t seem like they are able to pay for it. While this might just have been correct in the past, it’s certainly not ever again. You are able to have certainly craft made simply for you for a bunch reduced than you believe.

There are a couple of various ways of acquiring your own extraordinary art work. The initial is to contract somebody to produce something for you. This ways would be a difficulty however, as you initially should identify an individual to perform the job. You likewise have to ensure you can shoulder the charge.

When you’ve located a performer you should determine just what kind of artwork you need. This entails permitting basic designs as well as lots of talks with the developer. If you have time and also money to absolve this method would be really satisfying.

If you resemble most people having said that, your time as well as money are necessary to you. A much better and even more practical way is to go online and also have an item of custom art made from one of your pre-existing images. You could make use of a pic of an exclusive minute by having a relatived or a display from a getaway you would like to just remember always.

When you have actually your art work made from an image you’ll have more control over the end product. An additional perk is the whole method is done online. You will not should propel all over village looking for an artist. You are able to carry out it from the luxury of house. Greatest of all it’s very affordable.

First you choose the snapshot you hope to utilize as well as upload it to the internet site. At that point you would choose the type of art you would like. The website has countless different styles to pick like oil art work, comics as well as jump art. Then you obtain to choose how countless canvas panels you would like and also the dimension of the painting. You may likewise have it framed or they can just send you the canvas. When you’ve picked all the selections a musician are going to turn your pic in to a handmade piece of craft!

The musician will definitely produce up to 5 concepts and also you choose the one you prefer. In around two months you’ll receive your art. These pieces make terrific present ideas also. They are right for wedding ceremonies and also anniversaries. The items are exceptional and also will definitely be enjoyed for good.

When you hang your brand-new item of custom art on the wall, you’ll be amazed. Your house is going to look and also feel assorted. There’s a globe of distinction in between a print or poster and an actual work on canvas. Your residence looks a lot more beautiful and stylish. Presently you have a method to achieve actual craft that you would actually afford. You’ll treasure your heirloom piece for life.

Leo Sewell Recycled Art

Leo Sewell is a recycled art expert, who uses self created assemblage techniques in his art. The sculptures Leo Sewell creates are made from reclaimed plastic, wood and metal pieces he collects from museums, corporations and individuals from around the world.

Sewells piece Duck is made from recycled art pieces that are put into place using bolts and screws, as well as nails. Each piece of this sculpture was chosen based on the shapes and colors, also textures and patina specifically for this piece. Duck contains earrings, corn on the cob holders, tags from many articles as well as a BMW emblem. From beak to feet, Duck is a fine piece of recycled art.

Teddy Bear is another astounding piece of recycled art by Leo Sewell. A barometer, mustang emblem, earring and even a police badge make up some of the pieces that are incorporated into this bear. Most all of Sewells pieces have the unmistakable propensity to make you want to pick them up and hug them, based on their uniqueness and detail. Teddy Bear sits with his arms open wide, waiting for you to love him.

Bison is another of the pieces Leo Sewell has for sale. Bison is a completely recycled item, with a Montana license plate, fish, tinsel, belt buckles and screwdriver handles. Nails and bolts hold this true to form 18 inch by 7 inch by 23 inch piece together.

Boxer by Leo Sewell is in the form of a breed of dog, and measures 31 by 11 by 22 inches. Making up this masterpiece of recycled art are dog toys, handles, paint brushes, belts, heart tags and partial license plates. Keeping with his animalistic natural designs, Sewell creates within the boundaries of true form.

Leo Sewells Cat sits in the silent stillness, its stature being 16 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches. Containing keys, key chains, earrings, police badges, a few handles, shoe jewelry and other knick knacks, Cat is waiting graciously. Colorful watch bands and leaves incorporated into many other recycled art items, each piece brings a new level of artistic insight to the average household cat.

Dachschund is a mirror image of the dog breed it is named for, and Sewell has outdone himself on this piece. Measuring 14 inches by 8 inches by 26 inches, this beautiful specimen even offers the small curvature in the tail that is so often seen in the breed. Recycled art at its finest, this piece incorporates toy buttons, sheep, motorcycles, dog chain, dinosaurs and eyeglasses among many other interesting finds.

There are many of Leo Sewells pieces available for sale on the internet. Leo Sewell lives in Philadelphia and creates his pieces from recycled and reclaimed items also found in the area. Over the last 50 years, Leo has created and used his own techniques until they have become the foundation of his artistic creations seen today. Commissioned work as well as the sale of his pre-existing pieces can be found across the internet and in his hometown.

Fine Art

What Is Fine Art?
Technically, fine art  defines an art form that was developed primarily for the aesthetics rather than for practical application. Today, the arena of fine art has spread its tentacles wide across the globe, engulfing all those who are passionate about expressing themselves and the world in the form of some art. Historically, the five greater fine arts included sculpture, painting, music, poetry and architecture, of course with the minor arts including dance and drama. While today, fine arts include all the visual and performance arts, including calligraphy, photography, print making, conceptual art, collage, etc.

Unfortunately, fine art as a concept has been greatly misunderstood. Most of us think that fine arts refers to the quality of the art, while in reality, it refers to the disciplines purity. This is particularly why performing arts like the theatre and ballet are also referred to fine arts. Having said that, the concept of what purity of a discipline is comes to be questioned. Aristotle had once quoted that imitation is one of the finest thing in human nature which complements our human ability to stay in harmony with regard to nature and rhythm itself.

Thus, fine art is anything whose purity is as close as possible, to being in synchrony with imitation of the human nature. However, this definition can be referred to the field of performing arts only.

What Does Fine Art  Enclose?

Fine art  comes to include all the two dimensional works such as illustrations, paintings and drawings, comics, fiber art, print making, photography, calligraphy, mosaics and imaging, as well as the three-dimensional art forms such as conceptual art, sculpting, dance, film and theater, architecture, games and other art forms. Apart from these, the electronic media, western art music, avant-garde music, creative writing and textiles (as in quilt art) are also included in fine arts.

Of course, distinct and unique pieces of art stand out from different artists and their eras, but what makes their creation a fine art is its ability to arouse emotions in the viewer. And these emotions can be anything from sadness and misery to joy and extreme ecstasy. On the contrary, if any piece of art cannot evoke any emotion within the viewer, neither positive nor negative, that piece of art cannot be rightly considered a fine art. Moreover, a genuinely fine art evokes an emotion that is absolutely subjective. The greatest of the artistic compositions do trigger almost same responses from the viewer, yet each individual bears a unique subjective interpretation to the piece.

Role of Fine Art in Lives Today

Fine art is one of the best and exceptional forms of expressing oneself and their interpretation of or their reaction to the world around them. However, a creative process such as fine art is equally therapeutic and life affirming. Art therapy and artistic expression through fine arts provides a creative outlet for the youth and is also a viable means of communication. Traumatic events buried within an individual can still be heard through their expression in fine arts and once that is done, a therapist begins working on it. And this is undoubtedly, the most beautiful role of fine art in lives today!

Latte Art – A Delight In Your Cup Of Coffee

Latte art is basically the ability to draw on coffee or more specifically the most common coffee used for latte art – espresso, because of its density. The drawing happens in two ways. You can either pour milk in the cup of espresso thus creating a pattern form, special design or a portrait on the top espresso layer which is mainly foam. The other latte art style is named etching and it is done by using a plastic stick. However for a good latte art to be created you need a good espresso machine and a barista who knows what he is doing and possesses some talent. Latte art has been around us for centuries, but it has become more popular in the last years and you can even go to classes which educate you to be a barista. Barista is basically the formal name of the artist who creates the latte art.

Every country develops latte art in different speeds, but this happened after the creation of espresso and the progress of the micro foam. But the country which is taken for the birth place of latte art is Italy. Latte art is possible because of the mixture of two ingredients – the crema and the foam. The foam is basically milk which contains air allowing it to buff up. But however foam doesn’t last for long and quickly perishes so due to that latte art last only for minutes, but that is enough time for you to enjoy the marvelous creation that someone has created using crema and foam.

The most important ingredient for a successful latte art creation is the espresso itself. It needs to have a cream like surface which is called crema. When the espresso is well prepared the barista starts pouring milk into the espresso while moving the pitcher. This way he creates various forms and shapes which appear on the top layer of the crema. Of course to do that you will need some practice and a really steady hand. The use of etching is much harder, but it results in clearer and definitely more attractive designs.

Due to the lack of precision when pouring milk you can only create simple shapes and forms like the most used ones which are hearts and various flowers. While if you use the etching technique you can even create portraits of people and objects. Of course to create such things you must be very experienced and well trained.

Latte art is a beautiful way to change the way your beverage looks like. Despite the fact that you can order a specially drawn espresso you can also learn the latte art yourself just by practicing or visiting special classes. And the best part of latte art is that you can learn it in your home just by practicing on your morning coffee without having to buy any extra stuff, but however the mixture between ordinary coffee and foam will result in more translucent forms, but still visible.

Facts About The Street Art Revolution

Street art is any art developed in public spaces i.e. in the streets. It usually refers to unsanctioned art, as normally opposed by the government. Street Art is done all around the world but it stared very secretly because it was illegally to paint on public property you can find it everywhere you look. The street art can involve traditional graffiti artworks which include stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, flash mobbing and street installations. Typically, the term street art or the more specific post-graffiti is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism and corporate art.

Street Art is a very popular form of art that is spreading quickly all over the world. You can find it on buildings, sidewalks and street signs. Street art has become a global culture and even art museums and galleries are collecting the work of street artists. Street art started out very secretly because it is illegal to paint public and private property without permission. People often have different opinions about street art. Some think it is a crime and others think it is a very beautiful new form of culture.

Street art is most common in Europe. Its not like normal graffiti and also makes statement about politics. Theres plenty of kitschy street art, but it typically symbolizes some sort of statement. It is often conducted in the dark of the night and many artists dose not put their real names, but puts a fake name since they’re often vandalizing and defacing property. Some street artists have gone commercial, picking up gigs with major pay, but for the most part, the art remains safe from heavy monetary influence.

Street artists do their work for a reason. Some of them do not like artists who make so much money in galleries and museums. They choose street art because it is closer to the people. Some artists try to express their political opinion in their work, in order to protest against big business and corporations. Others like to do things that are forbidden and hope they don’t get caught.
Advertising companies also use street art in their ads because it gives you the impression of youth and energy. The New York department store Saks Fifth Avenue recently used a street artists design for their shop windows and shopping bags.

One of the main things in todays world that helped street art to be so popular is the internet. Through internet street artists can show their pictures to an audience all over the world. Many city residents, however, say that seeing a picture on the Internet is never as good as seeing it live. The street art movement lives with the energy and life of a big city. There, it will continue to change and grow.

Street art is a whole new world of art that has been on the map for quite some time, but has been pushed into the spotlight thanks to the Internet. With the Internet, street artists communicate with each other and show their work to the world. While much of it is politically driven, theres a free spirited charm to street art that is lacking in other contemporary art forms.

Latest Decor Trend Wire Wall Art For Your Modern Home

Wire wall art can be used very effectively when adding a decorative touch to your home. Because this style of art comes in so many different styles, it is easy to choose a piece of art that can add just the perfect accent. No matter the general style of the space, whether it is formal, contemporary or traditional, you will find a large array of styles that range from small and simple to elaborate and large.

Abstract Metal Sculptures.

Especially when decorating a room in a contemporary style, abstract metal art pieces are often a very popular choice. These pieces are not only beautiful, but since they do not represent any particular thing, they are oftentimes seen as being much more interesting than what a realistic rendition might be. This is due to the fact when you look at a piece of abstract art, your mind will interpret what it wishes to see, based on how you are thinking at that particular moment. This is why abstract art is not only perceived differently by different people, but sometimes also seen in different ways by the same person, depending on when they view it. Some abstract metal sculptures can be quite large, making them perfect for rooms with vaulted and cathedral ceilings, since smaller pieces of art tend to get lost on these large walls. When combined with a modern style of decorating, these sculptures can often add a striking touch of style to a room. Butterflies metal wall decor often lends itself well to abstract art, since it can be made easily into almost any type of shape or design and has a fluid style that looks fitting as part of a modern abstract design.

Metal Sculptures with Realistic Appeal.

For those who have a more traditional style of decorating, realistic metal sculptures are often quite popular. Whether these are designed from solid pieces of metal, or formed from beautifully twisted metal wire, these pieces can add a certain graceful beauty to the decorating style of a room. One popular wire wall art style is the tree, often formed by twisting the wires together into a thick trunk, and then dividing them out into more graceful thin strands to form the roots and the branches of the tree. Wire can additionally be used to create animals, facial portraits, birds and other recognizable shapes such as hearts, flowers and stars.

Other Popular Wire Wall Art Designs.

Although there are an unlimited number of different designs and subjects to choose from when selecting wall hangings, there are some themes that seem to always be popular. In addition to the tree motif, sunbursts, outside metal art, artwork with finely curved and scrolled wires that form delicate details and wall panels that are accentuated by wire art are often popular selections. There is also wire wall art which is designed as text to spell out words and phrases, which can be an attractive way of decorating almost any wall in your home.

Explaining Abstract Art Paintings

Nothing is more difficult to comprehend, convincingly, than Abstract paintings. There is something associated with these paintings that actually keeps the viewers interested. It is a known fact that a particular art work may be liked greatly by one and the same piece being denounced by some other. Some people may know it and it may surprise those who don’t know it that several of the best abstract artists emerged over the past some time are children. Some of the paintings of these young painters have earned them thousands of dollars.

Now isn’t it a matter of surprise that these paintings, made by children, earn that much of money? It surely is. The reason why people shell out so much money for these paintings is that they are lost in these pieces. The actually are trapped at the pretence of something called art world. This has specified the need of to explore what is missing in modern art.

The biggest problem with the modern art is that the dialogue or conversation between the painter and the purchaser is missing. There should be no doubt in the greatness of the abstract art but a discussion is must between the one who has painted out his thought with someone who is trying to find meaning in that painting.

You cant discuss on the worth of abstract art paintings. No one can be sure if the painting is worth thousand dollars or it is worth nothing. If there is anything that gives value to the abstract art, it is simply how the purchaser values it. There are some pre-requites in abstract art. It should never be something with no intension.

Having no idea of abstract art, you may just feel it coarse color sprinkling when look at the painting for the first time. It does happen occasionally even if you are a good art appreciator. It is here that a proper communication between the artist and viewer is very important. It should also be true to oneself.

Now how to interpret an abstract painting has dual significance; one is from the academic perspective and the other is from the popularity point of view. While the former has the criteria of determining how the colors have been used and the subsequent impact of the colors. It also involves determining apparent planes and their symmetry.

For a fan or an art lover it has simple criteria of how it keeps him/her occupied. An onlooker feels thrilled to discover as many planes of his/her own. More planes discovered, better is the painting. This relieves every one of remembering any set guidelines to find the worth of abstract paintings.

This was explained better by Pablo Picasso who once said, “Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird? people who try to explain pictures are usually barking up the wrong tree.” This is a fact that no art can be perfectly explained. Imagine you are listening to a melancholic song. Do you try to follow each verse of it? People let the music and the words get over them. This is exactly what the how abstract art should be approached. Just let it get over you.

How to Canvas Painting

unduhan-16It is somewhat hard to paint on canvas. In any case, with the tips given here, you will locate the whole procedure very simple and basic, and making your gem will be no issue, regardless of the possibility that you are an amateur to the workmanship.

If canvas painting seems like an activity that you would like to try your hand at, then it is important that you keep the following tips in mind. These will help you start the art of painting, without making the blunders that most people tend to make when they start painting. For your convenience, we have divided the tips into three sections―the tips that you will need to use before you start working on your art work, those that you can use while painting, and the things you need to keep in mind after you are done with the painting.

Before Starting the Painting
The tips that have been given here are some things that you should definitely keep in mind before you start on your canvas painting. These tips are in no particular order or sequence.

  • One of the first things that you will need to decide on is the kind of canvas you should choose to paint on. There are a variety of canvases available in the market like canvas boards, rolled canvas, canvas mats and even stretch canvas. Depending on the kind of painting you want to make and also what your comfort level is, you can choose one of these canvas types. The canvas can be made of either cotton or linen. If you want a canvas that is strong and has a long shelf life, opt for a linen canvas. Also, the size of the canvas is an important thing to bear in mind. Remember, the smaller your canvas, the less chances there are that you will miss out on details. Also, a smaller canvas is perfect for a beginner to start with. Also use an easel for your paintings.
  • Next, decide on the medium that you want to use. Many people believe that water paints are the best for a beginner to start with, but it is not. Sure it is easy to use, as it spreads easily, but lack of experience can cause smudging of colors and spreading, which is unnecessary. One of the best paints to start out with for beginners are acrylic paints. These paints dry easily and therefore, if you need to make corrections, it is extremely easy to do so on acrylic paintings, but sometimes blending colors can be difficult because of the same reason. Try to blend colors when the colors have dried off a little, but not completely. Some people prefer to use oil paints. These are not as easy to use as say acrylic paints and the techniques are such that beginners may take time to master them. But they are perfect for paintings that need a lot of blending of colors, as they take a lot of time, sometimes even days, to dry.
  • Brushes come next in the list of things that need to be bought for canvas painting. Get a variety of sizes of brushes. You will need thin bristled brushes for details and bigger brushes for background areas and the likes. Pay attention to the quality of the brushes. You do not want the brushes to be shedding hair on your painting. Use a brush tote. If you do not want to buy one, you can fashion one out of a coffee container or use a coffee mug as a brush container.

During the Course of the Painting
Once you have worked out the various things that you need to make the painting, you need to decide on the subject that you want to paint and what technique you are going to use in order to recreate the subject. Remember, creating an almost photographic representation of a subject is best left to masters or maybe master forgers. As a beginner, try to get your proportions right, get your brush stroke techniques right and work on your color combination and blending. Here are some tips that you can try as a novice to the art form.

  • One of the first things to remember as a painter is to avoid the use of pencil on your canvas. It is difficult to erase out pencil marks later without affecting the quality of the paint, and somehow, they always tends to show through.
  • One of the best canvas painting techniques to use when starting out is to paint in those areas first that will have prominent darker colors. You do not need to detail these areas, but you can loosely block these areas out. This will also help you get your composition of the painting right.
  • If you are not comfortable with this idea of blocking dominant areas out then try painting the canvas in sections moving from left to right or top to bottom. But this technique may pose problems with blending of colors, if you are using those paints that dry fast. This is an extremely useful technique for oil paintings
  • Another canvas painting tip that you could probably use if it works for you is start with the details first and then paint the background of the painting. Personally, I prefer it the other way; painting the background first and then adding the various details of the painting as this ensures that I do not smudge the details with the color of the background.
  • While it has been mentioned earlier to avoid the use of pencil on canvas, sometimes, when your drawing needs a lot of details, it becomes necessary. Even in such cases, I would suggest that you first make the drawing on a sheet of paper and then etch it on the canvas.
  • Now that you know what are the different techniques that you can use, focus your attention on studying the subject. Study it in terms of color, shape, texture, line, hard and soft edges, terms that painters would study it in. Try to fit the subject on your canvas with the help of a grid.
  • Once you have studied the subject and decided on the technique that you want to use for the painting, make a rough sketch of the same and then start painting the canvas.

After the Painting
Once you have finished the painting, there are certain important tips that need to be followed to ensure the life of not only the painting but also the different things that you use in order to make the painting.

  • One of the foremost things to keep in mind after you have finished the painting is to ensure that you allow it dry well. Whatever the medium that you have used in order to make the painting, it needs to be allowed to dry well. Try to cover the painting, so that dust does not gather on the painting.
  • Once the painting is dry, you should varnish it in order to preserve it. This will also give your painting a glossy look and negate the need of a glass protection when you frame it.
  • Take proper care of your paintbrushes. This is a very important to extend the shelf life of your brushes. Wash the brushes with warm water, which should be allowed to flow outside the bristles of the brush. After that dip the brushes into warm water mixed with soap. While dipping it into soapy water, ensure that you keep moving the brush rapidly and do not allow it to rest. Now do the same in clean water and repeat the process till the brush is cleaned completely without changing the color of the water it is dipped in. Use rubber bands to hang the brushes upside down, so that the water drains out.

Once you have finished your painting, do not be discouraged if it has not turned out the way you expected it to. Every painter in the history of the universe has started by painting pieces that would have seemed atrociously ugly to even the least discerning of art critics. Try again, as you need to get used to the medium of canvas in order to become better at it.